History of the Hall

Saint Anthony Hall, founded in 1847 as a literary society to promote a love of literature among its members, is Columbia University’s oldest and most distinguished fraternal organization. The Fraternity became co-ed in 1969 and the first female sibling was initiated in 1972.

Constructed in 1899, the picturesque Alpha Chapter House was designed by Saint Anthony Hall member George Palmer and Columbia alumnus Henry Hornbostel. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

The Alpha Chapter House serves as a haven from the bustle of its urban environs, providing members with a secluded space to pursue academic and extracurricular endeavors. The building’s impressive façade and regal interior underscore the rich tradition of the society as a place for bright, motivated learners in the midst of their formative years to discuss higher ideals and to develop lasting bonds with their peers. As we celebrate Saint Anthony Hall’s long legacy at Columbia University, we must take careful steps to ensure that future generations are afforded the opportunity to be part of our esteemed organization. The benefits derived from membership at the Hall are distinct from those of the academic curricula of a university.

The Hall instills in its members a sense of community, history, and tradition that complement and enhance the undergraduate learning experience. The exchange of ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds that occurs under St. A’s roof allowed all members to gain a better understanding of themselves, their peers, and the world around them. It is these interactions and relationships, as well as the shared identity and sense of belonging, that many cite as the defining experiences of their undergraduate tenures at Columbia.


"I can honestly say my friends from the Hall are my most lasting and my memories from the Hall, most vivid."
- Member



Saint Anthony Hall

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